School Board Members

David Kuntz, Board President

Jennifer Kuntz, Board Vice President

Betty Knight

Barry Van Wagner

Christie Vidaurri

School Board Meetings

The Halliday Public School Board meets:

Monthly, every 2nd Tuesday at 5:00 pm (Spring and Summer) and 3:30 pm (Fall and Winter) Notification of School Board Meetings, Hearings, or Special Meetings are posted at the main school entrance.


The last Annual Hearing was held on:

September 8, 2020 at 5:00 pm at the HPS Conference Room.

Public access to the Agendas, Minutes, and Financial Reports for the Halliday Public School is available by the following:

Upon request in person at the school business office.

Published in the Beulah Beacon, the official newspaper of the Halliday Public School. Available via the internet at

The Financial Reports of the Halliday Public School are filed annually for review with the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction and State Auditor’s Office.

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